1 core 1 GB RAM 15GB disk

Houston, United States

1C at 3.60Ghz

1,024MB RAM

15GB Disk


Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS x64 5.4.0

8 months uptime

Geekbench 5

Single 538 Multi 480

Disk tests read/write/total

4k 9MB/s 2,178 9MB/s 2,188 17MB/s

64k 16MB/s 245 16MB/s 252 32MB/s

512k 19MB/s 36 21MB/s 40 40MB/s

1m 18MB/s 18 20MB/s 19 39MB/s

Network tests send/receive


The Netherlands 164Mbps 142Mbps

NYC, NY, US 200Mbps 166Mbps

London, UK 167Mbps 53Mbps

Dallas, TX, US 179Mbps 244Mbps

Paris, FR - -

Los Angeles, CA, US 153Mbps 121Mbps

Tashkent, UZ 154Mbps 45Mbps


London, UK 55Mbps 46Mbps

The Netherlands 120Mbps 65Mbps

Los Angeles, CA, US 113Mbps 235Mbps

NYC, NY, US 112Mbps 230Mbps

Dallas, TX, US 105Mbps 261Mbps

Tashkent, UZ 60Mbps 32Mbps

Paris, FR 113Mbps 64Mbps

2:51pm Wednesday 16th November 2022 v2022-08-20