YABS for E5-2683 v4 8 cores at 2.10Ghz, 16GB RAM and 154GB disk

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

8c 2.10Ghz



154GB disk

Uptime 10M 13D 19H 50M

Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS x64

Geekbench 5

Single 633 Multi 4249

Disk speed test

SizeWriteReadWrite + readIOPS
4k188 MBs187 MBs375 MBs93,700
64k688 MBs684 MBs1.37 GBs21,400
512k706 MBs670 MBs1.38 GBs2,690
1m858 MBs805 MBs1.66 GBs1,620

Network speed test


Location Send ReceiveLatency
London, UK (10G)943 Mbps1.87 Gbps-
Los Angeles, CA, US (10G)850 Mbps655 Mbps-
Dallas, TX, US (10G)868 Mbps725 Mbps-
Paris, FR (10G)939 Mbps1.87 Gbps-
The Netherlands (40G)942 Mbps1.87 Gbps-
Tashkent, UZ (10G)896 Mbps1.44 Gbps-
NYC, NY, US (10G)901 Mbps1.24 Gbps-


Location Send ReceiveLatency
Dallas, TX, US (10G)857 Mbps952 Mbps-
Los Angeles, CA, US (10G)837 Mbps613 Mbps-
NYC, NY, US (10G)890 Mbps1.06 Gbps-
London, UK (10G)932 Mbps1.84 Gbps-
The Netherlands (40G)931 Mbps1.85 Gbps-
Tashkent, UZ (10G)891 Mbps1.25 Gbps-
Paris, FR (10G)929 Mbps925 Mbps-

9:35am Sunday 13th November 2022