4 cores 16 GB RAM 97GB disk

Hersbruck, Germany

4C at 2.20Ghz


97GB Disk


Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS x64 5.4.0-125-generic

6 days uptime

Geekbench 5

Single 700 Multi 2615

Disk tests read/write/total

4k 125MB/s 31,214 125MB/s 31,297 250MB/s

64k 2.2GB/s 34,731 2.2GB/s 34,913 4.4GB/s

512k 3.8GB/s 7,673 4.0GB/s 8,080 7.9GB/s

1m 787MB/s 768 840MB/s 820 1.6GB/s

Network tests send/receive


Dallas, TX, US 278Mbps 461Mbps

Tashkent, UZ - -

Paris, FR 575Mbps 599Mbps

NYC, NY, US 268Mbps 482Mbps

London, UK 226Mbps 599Mbps

The Netherlands 622Mbps 601Mbps

Los Angeles, CA, US 285Mbps 387Mbps


NYC, NY, US 322Mbps 570Mbps

The Netherlands 623Mbps 592Mbps

Dallas, TX, US 252Mbps 529Mbps

Tashkent, UZ - -

Paris, FR 563Mbps 197Mbps

Los Angeles, CA, US 271Mbps 505Mbps

London, UK 608Mbps 591Mbps

3:23pm Saturday 17th September 2022 v2022-08-20

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