Hetzner, Helsinki, Finland 12 cores 126 GB RAM 934GB disk

Tuusula, Finland

12C at 1.17Ghz


934GB Disk


Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS x64 5.11.0-40-generic

7 months uptime

Geekbench 5

Single 1297 Multi 5752

Disk tests read/write/total

4k 678MB/s 169,558 680MB/s 170,006 1.3GB/s

64k 1.4GB/s 22,934 1.4GB/s 23,055 2.9GB/s

512k 1.3GB/s 2,631 1.4GB/s 2,771 2.7GB/s

1m 1.3GB/s 1,285 1.4GB/s 1,370 2.7GB/s

Network tests send/receive


Tashkent, UZ 216Mbps 714Mbps

The Netherlands 921Mbps 928Mbps

Paris, FR 917Mbps 879Mbps

Dallas, TX, US 841Mbps 145Mbps

Los Angeles, CA, US 826Mbps 200Mbps

London, UK 918Mbps 923Mbps

NYC, NY, US 874Mbps 269Mbps


Paris, FR 905Mbps 796Mbps

NYC, NY, US 859Mbps 386Mbps

Los Angeles, CA, US 816Mbps 290Mbps

London, UK 906Mbps 889Mbps

Tashkent, UZ 888Mbps 675Mbps

Dallas, TX, US 834Mbps 229Mbps

The Netherlands 910Mbps 912Mbps

4:39pm Thursday 13th October 2022 v2022-08-20

Supplied by paco