1 core 0 GB RAM 20GB disk

Dublin, United States

1C at 2.30Ghz


20GB Disk


AlmaLinux 8.6 (Sky Tiger) x64 4.18.0-372.19.1.el8_6.x86_64

2 weeks uptime

Geekbench 5

Single 701 Multi 667

Disk tests read/write/total

4k 6MB/s 1,580 6MB/s 1,579 13MB/s

64k 69MB/s 1,071 69MB/s 1,078 138MB/s

512k 66MB/s 128 69MB/s 135 135MB/s

1m 65MB/s 63 70MB/s 68 135MB/s

Network tests send/receive


NYC, NY, US 2.4Gbps 2.96Gbps

The Netherlands 1.25Gbps 477Mbps

Los Angeles, CA, US 1.86Gbps 121Mbps

Dallas, TX, US 2.27Gbps 1.59Gbps

Tashkent, UZ - -

London, UK - 532Mbps

Paris, FR 1.27Gbps 541Mbps


NYC, NY, US 2.31Gbps 2.57Gbps

London, UK 1.06Gbps 425Mbps

The Netherlands 1.1Gbps 471Mbps

Dallas, TX, US 2.6Gbps 1.58Gbps

Paris, FR 1.18Gbps -

Los Angeles, CA, US 1.84Gbps 147Mbps

Tashkent, UZ - -

4:11pm Thursday 15th September 2022 v2022-08-20

Supplied by MikeA