9 cores 9 GB RAM 99GB disk

San Jose, United States

9C at 2.20Ghz


99GB Disk


Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) x64 5.18.0-0.deb11.4-amd64

5 minutes uptime

Geekbench 5

Single 645 Multi 5096

Disk tests read/write/total

4k 235MB/s 58,738 236MB/s 58,893 471MB/s

64k 3.3GB/s 53,055 3.3GB/s 53,334 6.6GB/s

512k 10.3GB/s 20,673 10.9GB/s 21,772 21.2GB/s

1m 11.6GB/s 11,590 12.4GB/s 12,362 24.0GB/s

Network tests send/receive


The Netherlands 1.19Gbps 1.22Gbps

Paris, FR 1.36Gbps 1.31Gbps

NYC, NY, US 2.93Gbps 3.04Gbps

London, UK 1.26Gbps 1.32Gbps

Los Angeles, CA, US 9.08Gbps 7.26Gbps

Tashkent, UZ 778Mbps 627Mbps

Dallas, TX, US 3.14Gbps 4.09Gbps


Paris, FR 1.43Gbps 1.29Gbps

Los Angeles, CA, US 8.12Gbps 7.64Gbps

London, UK 1.28Gbps 1.32Gbps

The Netherlands 1.19Gbps 1.22Gbps

NYC, NY, US 3.01Gbps 3Gbps

Dallas, TX, US 5.28Gbps 5.22Gbps

Tashkent, UZ 756Mbps 412Mbps

11:49pm Monday 24th October 2022 v2022-08-20

Supplied by yoursunny